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Felonies & Misdemanors

Charges you may face in Oklahoma:

Infraction – This is a minor legal violation not punishable by jail time. These may include things like parking tickets, minor traffic violations, and other violations which are resolved by paying a fine.

Misdemeanor – this is a crime that is a little more serious than an infraction, and less serious than a felony. It is usually punishable by less than a year in jail, possible fines, probation, community service, and by other means. Misdemeanors are crimes that can include public intoxication, drug possession (in extremely small quantities), first offense DUI’s, and other minor public offenses.

Felony – this is a serious crime, always punishable by more than one year in prison and includes fines, probation, and other consequences the judge may see fit or as dictated under the law. The serious nature of felony crimes includes, but is not limited to, harm to others, large quantities of drugs, repeat felony offenses, and other major offenses. You can expect to be charged with a felony if you repeat a misdemeanor within a certain period of time from a prior offense.

You need to know all the exceptions and ins and outs of the law in order to have your sentence reduced to the shortest amount possible. With your busy life you can ill afford to take time out of your life to face heavy charges, or weightier charges then necessary. This is why you need a good criminal action lawyer.

Drug charges, DUI’s, DWI’s, public offenses, and other errors in judgment can cost you valuable time and money. Without a good defense lawyer you could be facing more penalties than necessary for your crime. You need someone who is an expert in criminal defense…..someone who knows  the legal system, and how police can bend the rules and exaggerate the truth.

Not all crimes are the same, and there are factors in the law that a skilled attorney can use for your benefit and help you to be found innocent or to get a lesser sentence. Unfortunately, however, if you are facing federal charges you may be facing more time. You will want someone who has dealt with the harsher federal charges you will face in Oklahoma. I have handled numerous federal cases here in Oklahoma, I know how the system operates here, how it is different than state cases.

State or federal charges can cost you your precious freedom, freedom you need to support yourself and your family. Federal charges, even first offenses, can put the person “found guilty” in prison for years, even, perhaps, for the rest of their life. You definitely need someone on your side.

However, whether you are charged by the state of Oklahoma or federally, by the US Attorney’s office you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer to represent you so it’s important that you discover how to choose the right criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma for your criminal charge. You can also go to my testimonial and example cases page to read about some actual criminal cases.