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Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses in Oklahoma can include charges for:

Possession of illegal drugs – charges are affected by the type and quantity of drugs found. Illegal drugs may include Marijuana, (also known as pot, weed, or grass), Cocaine (coke), Heroin, Methamphetamine (Meth), LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy, X) or actual Prescription drugs that weren’t prescribed by a doctor.

Trafficking – this means buying and selling of illegal drugs

Distribution – marketing and supplying illegal narcotics to others

Possession with intent to sell- holding illegal drugs for the end purpose of selling them

Manufacturing – such as operating a Meth (methamphetamine) Lab

Transportation— moving illegal drugs from one location to another for profit

Marijuana cultivation --- growing marijuana for harvesting for use and/or sale

Drug offense convictions can have severe penalties. The charges are based on such factors as the quantity, intent to sell or distribute, and other factors like evidence of sales (such as large amounts of money and packaging) and whether weapons are present. The punishment also depends on the classification of the drug, the quantity, and what the intended purpose of possession was.

Unfortunately, for defendants, a federal charge is treated much more harshly than the same drug offense charged by a county in Oklahoma. Therefore, if you are facing federal charges, you will definitely want someone who has handled federal charges before (I have handled numerous federal cases) because that system operates very differently than the state of Oklahoma.

In either case, state or federal drug charges can cost you your freedom. And particularly, in federal charges, even if it is a first offense, the sentence can be severe –sometimes putting the person “found guilty” in prison for most of the rest of their life.

However, whether you are charged by the state of Oklahoma or federally, by the the US Attorney’s office you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer to represent you so it’s important that you discover how to select the right attorney for your Oklahoma drug charge. You can also go to my testimonial and example cases page to read about some actual drug cases.