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Edmond Geary
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About Ed Geary Jr.

Ed Geary has been practicing law since 1972 in Oklahoma City. Prior to starting his own law practice he was an assistant District Attorney for Oklahoma County for many years. He was a team leader in the Career Criminal division, which meant he trained other newer lawyers on strategies and practices involved in prosecuting criminal defendants.

That inside knowledge has been invaluable for analyzing possible strategies to defend clients charged with a criminal offense.

Ed Geary is a certified criminal trial attorney according to the National Board of Trial Advocacy. This designation has only been earned by a handful of lawyers in Oklahoma. The designation can only be given to lawyers who have tried at least 40 criminal jury trials along with several other rigorous requirements. Ed is respected by judges, law enforcement officials, and other lawyers and has a good track record with the clients he represents.

You can reach Ed Geary at his office at 405-728-8223. If you mention visiting this website you will be entitled to a free 30 minute legal examination valued at $100.00!

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